Driver’s License Exams

  • On-site testing is offered at Rae’s Driving School to 16, 17, 18, and 19-year-old students who have held a learners permit for the correct amount of time and have completed their drivers education requirements. Use of our car to take the behind the wheel test will be provided.
  • Any 16, 17, 18, or 19-year-old student wishing to take the test is eligible for testing at Rae’s Driving School as long as they have done a 2-hour behind the wheel training session with one of our instructors. The cost for the 2-hour behind the wheel training and license test combined is $200.
  • People who are 20 years old and older must schedule the license test at DMV. Unfortunately they are not eligible to test on-site at our locations. However, we can take you to DMV and you can use one of our cars in order to take your behind the wheel test as long as you have done a 2-hour training session with one of our instructors and have completed the 8-hour Drug, Alcohol, Safe Driver course.

Driver’s license tests are arranged by Rae’s Driving School.

Test dates are provided on a first come first served basis.

Once your paperwork is submitted we should know what date and time your test will be in about a week or two. WE WILL CONTACT YOU ONCE WE KNOW YOUR TEST DATE! TESTING DATES AND TIMES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE AS DMV SENDS AN INSPECTOR TO OUR LOCATION TO DO THE TESTING. Also please note that testing is always done on weekday mornings and up to 15 people are all tested on that day. In other words that means your son or daughter will probably miss part or all of a school day. Use of Rae’s Driving School vehicle for the test is provided.

The following items MUST be dropped off to the driving school:

  • Check (made payable to Rae’s Driving School) or cash for $95 (test fee) – NON-REFUNDABLE for 38-hour course students
  • Check (made payable to Rae’s Driving School) or cash for $200 (test fee and 2-hour behind the wheel training) for 8-hour students
  • Photocopy of learners permit (and parents drivers license if under 18)
  • Completed form R-229 license application

NOTE: Students may report to a local DMV two days after the test to pick up and pay for the license.