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Adult Classes

Drivers who are 18+ years of age and meet one of the criteria below must obtain a Learner’s Permit and hold it for ninety days before obtaining a Driver’s License.

Criteria (must meet ONE of these criteria)

  • Have never held a Driver’s License,
  • Have held a U.S. Driver’s License that lapsed 2+ years ago, or
  • Hold a valid Driver’s License from another country

In addition to the mandatory class, we offer BEHIND THE WHEEL TRAINING to adults who hold a valid Learner’s Permit. Lessons are done at our hourly rate. Call or text Mike At 860-444-8000 to book lessons.

Training Process

  • Schedule a Knowledge Test with the DMV  (Click here to schedule online)
  • Complete the 8-Hour Safe Driving Class and receive a CS-1 Certificate required for taking the road test
  • Study for the Knowledge Test
  • Obtain your Learner’s Permit upon passing the Knowledge Test
  • Hold your permit for a minimum of 120 days while driving with a licensed instructor or driver over 20-years-old who has held a license for at least four years
  • Behind the wheel lessons offered for adults who hold a valid Learner’s Permit
  • Take the Road Test. (If you are under 20 years old – you can take the road test with us!)